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Asian cock and white pussy is the best combination

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Ona 2 years ago
White girl here... Asian men are my bias. He is hot af.

Be mad. Lol.
Lol salty whites, tyrones 2 years ago
Aw, to the poor incel white or black punk who said Asian guy is weak, you just a jealous hateful bitch living in your momomma & dad's basement. Gotta be fair right, pinkoid neckbeards beard?
your mommy 1 year ago
as a white female, would let only asians fuck me. asian dick is meant for white girls pussy.
Crystal 1 year ago
She’s cute
Some half asian dude 7 months ago
Idk why yall so mad everytime yall see an asian guy get laid yall do know the pleasure spot is only a few inches into the pussy. Black men fuck asian women white men fuck asian women why is it an issue when we get laid with other race?
ILoveMonica 5 months ago
I'm small but I stir up girl inside quite a lot without pills.
Qontol 1 year ago
White man Very weak , they can not make love more than 30 minutes without the help of strong pills . we are natural asian without the help of pills
Fettgurke 7 months ago
I love how the shrimp dicks here try and use this video to boost their ego, all the while knowing deep down inside that it is not a prejudice that Asians have smaller dicks on avergae, but a scientific fact. Doesn't mean you cannot enjoy sex, but in the end, you are not packing. Look at all the Asian porn movies! And because this one here is made to - see above - appeal to the interracial fantasies of yellow shrimp dicks, does not mean that you guys have anything close to a proper dick!
1 year ago
White guy here. I m weak to Asian cocks since I had sex with Asian guys. Is it just me
11 months ago
I confirm this from personal family experience. This is truly the most natural combination. I grew up with a Serbian mother, a green-eyed racial blonde, and a Chinese (step)father. Many were jealous of the Chinese man because he taked my beautiful mother, but he was the most ideal choice for a husband and a father. The best turned out were my sisters, who look just like my mom. I support that positive eugenics. I love the racial upgrade.